Ideatarmac's Datatarmac is a cloud-based headless middleware, which enables, facilitates, and manages the data flow between Shopify and Bluestone PIM. You can manage your data synchronizations right from its Shopify app, or Datatarmac portal or via Datatarmac APIs. In addition to its Shopify connector, Datatarmac has ability to connect many other shop systems such as SFCC, Wix, WooCommerce, Magento on one side and any technology vendor at other side. 


  • Ready to be used within minutes. 
  • No coding skills are required to install or operate the connector. 
  • Flexibility to customize the connector based on your requirements. 
  • Ability to review the data before importing it into Shopify. 
  • Schedule custom imports to Shopify by using Advanced filtering options. 
  • Bluestone to Shopify in a completely automated way with options to connect to multiple Bluestone instances or multiple Shopify sites from the same connector. 
  • This connector works with both Shopify and Shopify plus. 
  • APIs to integrate to any workflows, to build custom admin cockpits or to customize the integrations. 


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