Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform


The integration adds enriched product data from Bluestone PIM into Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform. This enables digital teams to combine the product data with data and content from other sources (e.g. ERP, CRM) to enrich it further and activate it in any channel in real-time for a seamless customer experience. Everything is executed in a no-code studio making the digital teams more autonomous when executing new digital initiatives.

Data flow:

  • Automatic transfer of updates from Bluestone PIM to Occtoo sources.
  • Option for full synchronizations or continuous updates through the public API.
  • Full synchronization fetches all products and categories asynchronously.
  • Configuration of a webhook in Bluestone PIM triggers events for every synchronization, transferring related data, including product and category changes.

Installation and setup:

  • Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform and access to Bluestone PIM client, API key, code from GitHub, and Azure storage account.
  • Create target sources in Occtoo for categories, products, and media, and add identifiers.
  • Register the provider in Occtoo, including target sources and providing data provider ID and secret
Overall, the integration streamlines data enrichment processes and facilitates seamless activation across channels, offering digital teams greater autonomy and flexibility in their initiatives.


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