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Incentivize your customers at every stage of your customer journey with vouchers. Voucher app provides a way in Bluestone PIM to generate, manage, filter, validate, link, and clean up voucher codes. It gives a way to link voucher codes to users, products, or entire product categories. Voucher discount codes can be used in connection with date ranges, product ranges, customer entities (users, profiles, groups) and discount values (fixed or %-based). Through the management panel, the app allows single or bulk vouchers to be created, which can later by filtered by:

  • Discount type
  • Discount value
  • Quantity
  • Redeemed quantity
  • Expiration date


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Voucher management in Bluestone PIM
Voucher management in Bluestone PIM
Creating vouchers in Bluestone PIM
Creating vouchers in Bluestone PIM

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