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Bluestone PIM Marketplace consists of a variety of Apps from Bluestone and our partners. Use these apps to better utilize PIM data in CMS, ERP and commerce platforms, such as Magento and Amazon Marketplace. Bluestone Marketplace is constantly evolving and more apps are underway. Some of them require a license from external vendors or may involve additional costs.

Magento 2 Product Sync

This app provides an out-of-box single-click sync which enables automatic data export to Magento 2. It ensures accurate and reliable product information in your commerce platform.

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Slack Notifications

Get Slack notifications whenever product information changes on your designated products in Bluestone PIM

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Amazon Marketplace Sync

The app provides an out-of-box auto-syncing process. This means that you can easily publish your products and product changes to Amazon Marketplace.

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Adobe InDesign Sync

Extract data from Bluestone PIM and create print-ready catalogs. Work with templates in Adobe InDesign and sync content changes back to the solution with the use of our EasyCatalog App.

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Amazon Rekognition Service

Integrate with Amazon Rekognition to automatically identify and tag objects, people, text, scenes, and activities on imported images. This will save you a lot of time when enriching your product data.

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Product Price Handling

Set product prices and plan price changes directly in Bluestone PIM. The price handling app is an easy to use interface for omnichannel pricing.

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Product Sheet PDF Generator

Generate a PDF based on a predefined product-sheet template. The PDF product sheet will be automatically stored in the DAM.

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Customer Rating and Reviews

Tap into the pool of user-generated content on your products in Bluestone PIM. This app uses LipScore to capture data in front end and stores it on each product in the PIM solution.

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Competitor Price Monitoring

Follow your competitors’ product prices on each product with this price scraping app. Quicklizard scans selected competing websites for similar products and prices.

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Content Management System

The CMS app allows you to create and manage digital content. It provides headless CMS functionality and gives you the flexibility to create your own front-end templates.

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Product Search Engine

This App based on Algolia will give your users an enhanced user experience in product searches on your web interfaces.

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NOBB Product Sync

With the Bluestone PIM app for NOBB you will be able to automatically sync your products to this building materials database.

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Some of the Apps will require a separate software license or SaaS-service agreement.
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